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  • Admission to membership in the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (JASAS) is accomplished by the submission of the membership application form and payment of annual dues as follows.

       In order to apply to the membership in JASAS, please print out the application form below, fill it out with the requested information and send to “Information Design Associates Kyoto” (Kyoto-Tsushinsha) (309, Oikenocho, Oike-Agaru, Muromachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0022 [Tel. 075-211-2340; E-mail. jasas-db[ at ]]). In the application form, two recommenders in JASAS are to be required. In case you cannot find any recommender, please consult with the Information Design Associates Kyoto (Kyoto-Tsushinsha).
       After sending the application form, please remit the first annual dues (7,000 yen per year for regular membership, 5,500 yen for family membership, and 4,000 yen for student membership) to the following bank account of Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank).

    Remitting from an account of Japan Post Bank

    Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank): 00980-1-176266 “Nihon Minami-Azia-Gakkai Nen-Kaihi Choushuu-gakari” (ニホンミナミアジアガッカイネンカイヒチョウシュウガカリ [日本南アジア学会年会費徴収係])

    Remitting from an account of other bank:

    Bank name: Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank)
    Account name: “Nihon Minami-Azia-Gakkai Nen-Kaihi Choushuu-gakari” (ニホンミナミアジアガッカイネンカイヒチョウシュウガカリ [日本南アジア学会年会費徴収係])
    Office number: 099(〇九九 [ゼロキュウキュウ])
    Account classification: Current account
    Account number: 0176266

    1) Please replace “[ at ]” with “@”.
    2) The fiscal year of JASAS begins on the 1st of October and ends on the 30th of September each year. As to the annual dues for members residing abroad, please contact Information Design Associates Kyoto (Kyoto-Tsushinsha).


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