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Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee

for a Regular Member           7,000 yen
for a Family Member of another member  5,500 yen
for a Student Member           2,000 yen

Fiscal Year of the Society

From October 1st to September 30th of the following year

Annual Membership Fee Payment Method

Only credit card payments are accepted for membership payments.

Please log in to “Member My Page” to make your membership payment before the end of the fiscal year.

Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act (in Japanese)


If you have any questions regarding membership payment or SMOOSY operation, please contact the Annual Membership Fee Collection Section using the below contact information.

Annual Membership Fee Collection Section,
The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (in Kyoto Tsushinsha)
309 Oikeno-cho, Oike-agaru, Muromachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Tel: 075-211-2340
E-mail: jasas-db[ at ]
(Note: Please replace “[ at ]” with “@”.)

Membership Admissions

Please refer to the downloadable PDF file for more information regarding the Admissions process. Download the Membership Admissions PDF file.


Admissions Procedure ▾

Admissions Procedure – Q&A ▾

  • I am unable to find suitable persons for the Recommenders.Please write “Consult with the Secretariat” in the Recommender fields and continue the application.
  • I haven’t received an e-mail from SMOOSY during the application process.First, please contact the Admission Desk/Annual Fee Collection Section <jasas-db[ at ]>. We will check whether the e-mail has been sent correctly or not.

    If the e-mail has been sent correctly:
    ♦It may have been sorted into the spam folder. Please check the Spam Mail Folder.
    ♦Please make sure that the registered e-mail address is correct.
    ♦The spam filter of your organization’s mail server may be blocking the e-mail. Please contact the network administrator or register a different e-mail address.

    If no e-mail has been sent:
    ♦The entered e-mail address has not been registered. Please start the registration procedure again from the membership agreement section.

  • I found an error in the registration information after the completion of the application.You will not be able to make any changes to the application after the application has been completed. Please send an e-mail to the Admission Desk/Annual Fee Collection Section <jasas-db[ at ]>. The secretariat will correct the registration information on your behalf.

    If the secretariat determines that there is no problem with the application, you will be asked to continue the procedure and make corrections on the “Member My Page” after completing the membership registration.